Transformational Healing Series – Introduction

Towards the end of 2020, I became very interested in stories of radical remission and of healing the supposedly incurable. I’m talking about people with cancer (sometimes even labeled as terminal) who found ways to heal themselves. I’m talking about people with really advanced autoimmune disorders who put their conditions into remission and who have kept them there. I’m talking about people who were left unable to walk due to spinal cord injuries and who defied all odds without external intervention to regain their mobility. I’m talking about people truly crippled with conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, depression and anxiety, etc… all of whom found ways to reclaim their health and their lives. And more specifically, I have been exploring the stories of people who healed themselves outside of the allopathic medical model–largely because the allopathic medical model failed them, or made matters even worse than they already were.

While these are not the manifested health issues I have specifically–not that I know of anyway–I have had a long string of chronic dis-ease symptoms, some of which my SSRI use and withdrawal either set in motion or outright caused, which have significantly impeded my ability to function and live my life from a place of vibrant health and wellbeing. When I turned to the conventional allopathic medical world for help, nobody had any answers for me about what might be going on and how to work towards being well again. On some occasions, I was offered advice or interventions that actually exacerbated the damage that had already been done. Gradually, I came to realize that I would not only have to look elsewhere for answers, I would also have to take an active role in every aspect of my healing in order to find wellness and balance once again. The responsibility of my health and wellbeing is entirely too important to leave in the hands of anyone else, even an “expert,” and I believe the responsibility is ultimately mine anyway. I am the expert of my own experience… nobody else is living in my body, nobody else knows me better than I do, and nobody else has the power to transform my life or my health.

Stages of Monarch chrysalis “beating the odds” to transform into the next iteration of itself, a butterfly. Photo: Leela Ehrhart, 2018

I wanted to flood myself with inspiring stories of people who took very active roles in their own healing processes and who “beat the odds,” as it were. I wanted to really learn about more of the healing modalities available to me that might help restore health and wellbeing, not just those endorsed by allopathy. I wanted to begin looking at what the common threads were for these amazing people on their healing journeys. I wanted to really drive home for myself deep in my bones that I always have a vast array of valid choices when it comes to healing even the most serious manifestation of dis-eases. If other people can do it I can too, right?

So, this post is the first in a series that I will be sharing over the next few months where I will be examining  what I am learning about radical remission and deep transformational healing–from people who have healed–and how I am applying what I continue to learn to my own life and my own journey. What has been most fascinating to me to learn is that for many of these people the underlying root causes were very similar even if the manifestations of dis-ease looked different. In this series of posts shared in no particular order, I will explore themes like: mindset and the stories we attach ourselves to, emotional wounds and unresolved traumas, diet, lifestyle (including stress management), relationships and support systems, toxic burden and detox, and even spirituality.

There are never any guarantees in life, but I believe there is a whole lot we can do to give ourselves the best chance possible at claiming, reclaiming, and embodying vibrant wellbeing. Not everything I have learned resonates with me, but all of it has been worth my time because it has helped me find a sense of confidence, capability, and direction on my way. It is my hope that in sharing what I have learned, you will find the pieces that can apply to you and your journey.

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