Education For Herbal Practitioners

A marriage of two topics Leela am so passionate about, this is a class designed for herbal practitioners who would like more information about how best to support clients navigating the process of tapering and withdrawal from psychiatric drugs. There can be unusual and unexpected challenges when working with this particular group of people. Leela’s goal is that this class will help fill in some of the gaps between what is generally known and accepted, and what the reality actually is for those trying to get off of these drugs. The ultimate goal is to help you work more effectively with your clients!

Learning Objectives: Provide an overview of some critically important, evidence based, foundational information about safe tapering and withdrawal that is not well known outside of the layperson withdrawal community; offer some less-familiar strategic considerations to keep in mind when working with clients who are navigating this process.

Please Note: While Leela will touch on a few specific herbs and fungi she found helpful on her own tapering and withdrawal journey, the focus of this class is not on herbal protocols. This class is also not meant for those in withdrawal looking for solutions, who don’t have a background in herbalism.

Class Details: We will meet over Zoom, date and time TBD. Please allow about 60-90 minutes, including time for questions at the end. The price of the class is $30. For those registered a recording will be available afterwards in case you cannot attend live or wish to re-watch for any reason. A copy of the class slides–rich in information and resources–will also be available for download.

As an herbalist and layperson psychiatric drug withdrawal expert, Leela have a unique perspective to offer. She is excited to bring this class to you!

Please contact Leela with questions and to register. Hope to see you there!