Leela Ehrhart is a holistically-oriented psychotherapist and psychiatric drug withdrawal support consultant.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling with specializations in addiction and trauma treatment. She is certified as a professional life coach, and has undergone extensive training in herbalism and reiki.

Leela has been involved with the psychiatric drug withdrawal community since early 2017. Today she helps run multiple online communities focused on supporting those who are withdrawing from psychiatric drugs and creating a future for themselves outside of the conventional mental health system.

One of her greatest passions is helping people better understand and reclaim their power surrounding what we often think of as mental health struggles, psychiatric diagnoses, prescribed psychiatric drugs and withdrawal, well-being, and coming home to oneself again.

This includes working one-on-one with individuals, family members, and professionals, assisting them as they navigate the myriad of challenges that arise while weathering the transition from long-term reliance on psychiatric drugs.

Her own mental health and psychiatric drug withdrawal journey has served as a catalyst, teaching her that we have a lot more choices about how to care for ourselves and our well-being than many of us ever realize.

While exploring ways to care for herself and her health with discernment, largely outside of conventional systems, and navigating all of the emotional, physical, and spiritual struggles that both fed into it and spiraled out of that process, she came to realize the truth that we all already have everything we need to heal.

This breakthrough has continued to help her heal not just from her own (S)SRI use, but also from the deeper wounds of disempowerment and disconnection that previously permeated so many areas of her life as she continues to explore and expand her experience, increasing her understanding of how we can live more fully and vibrantly.

Trusting the wisdom of our own bodies has since become a way of life for Leela. A major part of her mission is to help others learn to trust their own inner wisdom so they can truly nourish and care for themselves well–in mind, body and spirit–so that we may all live deeply rooted in all the richness and wonder that life has to offer.