Compassion, understanding, hope.

Leela offers coaching and consultation around a variety of questions, challenges, and opportunities for growth that arise in the face of the decision to come off of psychiatric drugs and embark on a life without them. Leela works with people at all stages of the journey, offering information, wisdom, and years of lived experience to provide support with:

  • The decision to withdraw
  • Preparing to withdraw (mind, body, spirit, life)
  • The tapering and withdrawal process
  • Post-tapering and withdrawal challenges
  • Navigating iatrogenic injury
  • Working effectively with medical and mental health providers
  • Making sense of your experience
  • Understanding dis-ease outside of the conventional medicalized system
  • Embodying a more empowered story
  • Lifestyle adaptations to support wellbeing
  • Healing through living

Wherever you are on your journey, know that you are never alone! Having the right support can make all the difference. Book an appointment with Leela today.